About this site:

I decided after seeing what is becoming  a never-ending cavalcade of travel shows about Alaska, that I would start blogging about my travels throughout my current home, which just happens to be the Great State of Alaska.  My partner Jacqui  grew up in Alaska which is helping me really delve into,  and experience the vast amount of natural beauty which abounds in this state, and to give readers a true sense of what it really is like to live, work and visit here.


About me:

This blog is run by me, Jeremy Featherston, an independent minded traveler who has traversed the globe by either working, backpacking, or as I age vacationing.  Currently working in the Medical Field in Anchorage, Alaska. I’m  living day to day my dream of traveling the world, experiencing new and unique places, and enjoying amazing local culture.

I moved to Alaska in 2012 after finishing graduate school with my Masters of Social Work; I wanted another chapter to add to my adventure. So when I was getting close to finishing school I looked at the map ( kinda like every other time I decided to move)  and and thought Hmm I wonder what driving to Alaska would be like? I  gave it a little thought until I convinced myself why the hell not? So when I said to my family and friends  “I’m seriously considering driving to Alaska ”  People in my life were curious, but are pretty used to my travels  by now, but they still get a kick out of where I will be going next, and this was no exception. I set aside some (meager) grad school savings  and set off for what would be an epic (and highly underestimated) 4300 miles. Two years later I’m still here, exploring and discovering new and exciting things, and now I’m writing about them.



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