Need to travel Alaska? Go by Bush Plane!

One of the more uniquely Alaskan experiences one may have is traveling on “bush” and small planes. You might might take in order to do business or even visit the more remote parts of the state.
The road system here is good but if you live off of it or need to travel to a small village–say Bethel or Barrow you need to fly. Travel by bush planes can be dangerous with a much higher chance of crash but are a necessary part of living here. The whole experience is Indiana Joneesque with small planes, an interesting assortment of characters and exotic places that are far-flung a decidedly different.
I am in fact writing this post while looking down at the clouds below me, while sipping on a surprisingly pleasant cup of coffee. Today I’m onboard flight 8082 to Bethel, a remote village in Western Alaska, with a population of about 5 thousand souls. I’m going there to visit a friend who is working at a hospital Northern Exposure style to repay her graduate school loans. I’m excited to see how she’s been living life the past year or so, and to experience the village of Bethel itself, a place with a less than stellar reputation.
Today I’m riding on a Dahaviland Dash-8, on Bush Airline Ravn Alaska a turbo prop plane that seems like it might go down at any minute but Its all part of the adventure of life.
What I enjoy about being a traveling health professional (other than the reward miles), is the exhilarating experience of adventure travel that I get to enjoy as part of my day job. My career has allowed me to visit places I would otherwise have never ventured due to the exorbitant costs involved.
So, If you visit the “last frontier” you might just find yourself on one of the many planes that traverse our sky. If you do, you’ll have an experience thats uniquely Alaskan, and will have a cultural experience while on your very own Alaska adventure, which is an experience that you’ll not soon forget.

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