“Side Street Espresso” a coffee shop with east coast flavor and old-school charm in “the last frontier”

One of the most interesting things about living in Anchorage is the overall abundance of interesting coffee shops that we have available. From the distinctly northwest drive-thru,  to the sit down cozy–they really run the gamut here. I love it because there is something that is distinctly Alaskan about them with their sheer diversity It’s something that adds to the culture of the city.

For my caffeine fix my favorite definitely has to be Side Street Espresso on 4th street in downtown Anchorage.  It’s  an old school liberal leaning establishment that doesn’t take credit cards or have Wi-Fi, which somehow makes this place more authentic. The lack of Wi-Fi certainly encourages patrons to actually do something other than become Zombified in their laptops or other mind sucking device. Right now as I type this there is (good) live music being played by a local anchorage artist, some women working on their quilt, a couple of guys from a local improv troop cracking jokes at the table next to me, and then there’s me enjoying a delicious bowl of Tortilla soup and warm cup of Americano while typing away and enjoying the atmosphere. On the walls are a kind of mishmash of local art, drawings and activism. They also have a cool bookshelf with a sign that reads “free books”, and a large assortment they believe is something to be shared. I agree.

The negatives are few–like I said they are a cash only place, so make sure to hit an ATM and rob a piggybank for some coins, for the parking meter outside, because you might get a ticket like I did the first time I came here and thought “ Fuck it! Nobodies going notice” Yeah they did. It’s definitely not fun walking out with a sweet enjoyable coffee buzz to realize your car has been playing ball-tag with a parking cop and looses. Oh and their hours are kinda shit too, but Just a little bit. It’s just a elderly couple who run the place and they are like “hey it’s three o’clock” (The guy actually announced this to the patrons) Fuck it get out–he didn’t announce that but you felt it–definitely worth it so check it out.


If you’re up here—check it out, it’s truly a gem of the last frontier.

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