Mt. Marathon in Seward Alaska for July 4th fun!

This year Jacqui and I decided to head to Seward for the annual Mount Marathon race that is held here every fourth of July.  Today might have been one of the best days weather wise in the races history. It was such a beautiful day with blue sky, sunshine, and it was warm but not overly hot with a cool breeze blowing off of Resurrection Bay.

What is really neat about the event is the old school Americana involved in it. There were sloppy joe stands setup by local churches, there were events held at the firehall, there was an amazing parade down Main Street with old-time style floats and bunting. You had people throwing candy at the crowds, to the Governor of the State Sean Parnell walking through the town. This kind of hometown event where people leave there homes and come out to celebrate together is really a rare luxury in 2014 American society.  What was so immensely enjoyable besides, just well about everything, was the positive energy that was radiating from just about everyone in the crowd. It’s crazy, but for the first time in a long time, I was surround by people genuinely in a good mood.  It was really awesome  to be a part of the event, even as a spectator.  

The race itself is super interesting in the sense of its uniqueness.  People literally run up to the top of Mt Marathon and back down again. There are three races, men, women’s and children’s all taking place on race day and all incredibly tough. The best times are around forty-five minutes for the men and its a sight to behold when they literally come running down the mountain back into town and across the finish line as people are packed along the streets cheering them on as their reward for such an incredible feat.  

If you plan on being in Alaska over the fourth of Jul– I highly recommend it!

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