Enjoying some arctic adventures at the Alaska Zoo

Alaska Zoo

One really neat thing about living in Anchorage is that the Alaska Zoo is about 15 minutes away from where we live in an area of town called the Hillside, which is where the upper income people live, because of its seclusion, and breathtaking views of Cook Inlet.  The zoo itself is small to midsize zoo dealing primarily with arctic and subarctic animals, plant wildlife, and birds that are here.  Some of the animals around are Grizzly bears, Polar Bears, brown bears and eagles, all immensely popular and super impressive.  The zoo could take an hours to maybe half a day deepening on what your reason for visiting is or if you really want to take the time to read every description of the animals on display.

It’s totally worth a visit especially on a nice warm summer day. I would caution that it’s a heavily wooded zoo and because of that is full of nasty blood sucking mosquitos, so bring some off with you.

Something of note to check out is the Wolf pups on currently on display as  Alaska has had terrible wildfire burning recently, which has left a lot of animals without a home.  The zoo has been helping find homes for them at other zoos in the lower 48.  I think it is worth the trip just to see them, because they were over the top cute! If you’re here this summer don’t miss it!

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