Something I hate about the last frontier

I am sitting outside on an absolutely beautiful day at my favorite Alaskan owned coffee shop Kaladi Brothers sipping on an Iced “Alaska” Chai pondering the new scratch that I found on my Volkswagen after I got out of the gym today.  I just don’t get it with the alaskan peoples absolute lack of respect for other peoples automobiles. I mean if this were let’s say DC or LA I get it–you have to park on the street, people drive like assholes, blah blah–yeah I get it, but here…  There really is no excuse for it other than what I believe to be jealously or something like it it.  I’m from Ohio where I can honestly say we respect each others property better.  I bought this care four years ago without a scratch.  I commuted from Youngstown to Cleveland weekly for a year, and for that whole time, not a fucking nick.   I move to Alaska two years ago-and during that time-it has been relentless!  A nick here, a ding there, a scrape here and while relatively minor, it pisses me off to no end.  There are plenty of places to park here, roads are wide enough, I just don’t get it?  Call me crazy but is it really that big of deal to be….I don’t know, courteous?

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