Matanuska Glacier a site of Majestic Beauty

Jacqui suggested to me the other day that we ought to go glacier hiking because the weather here has been so unseasonably  warm, and just outright beautiful. She suggested to me we try the Matanuska Glacier, to tick the box on my ever-growing bucket list of things to accomplish in my life.   She is so clever when it comes to finding deals in Alaska that I told her she should write a page here to give some advice to others who may want to go glacier hiking or on other outdoor adventures.

We ended up going two weekends ago with  a guide group called MICA Guides a wise move and a first rate operation, worth every penny.  Our guide Joe an ice climbing enthusiast who spent his summers in Alaska and winters in Colorado was extremely knowledgeable about the area, the glacier and how to safety navigate the ice while walking on crampons, which they provided.

Once we got out on the glacier I felt this super connected feeling. I was witnessing  this natural phenomena  and it was something I had yet to experience before.  It was one of those surreal days according to Joe. The warm wind was being reflected off the face of the ice, while our group was looking at the magnificent, almost sapphire blue glow of the ice, which was protruding throughout the white crunchy snow; it was magical. On that day we only saw but  speck of the miles and miles of frozen earth that was beneath our feet, and its was truly magical .

It is strikingly funny really how you can go throughout your life, and still be awed as if you were a child once more.  I could never do justice in words to describe the rugged beauty in the way your eyes will. You will have to see for yourself  what a hike on a glacier will be like, because  it is quite simply something one should experience for themselves if at all possible.

This article gives some excellent background information about the glacier and is worth a look!

photo 3-2photo 5-1 photo 4-2 photo 3-2 photo 2-4

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