Eklunta Lake


       We were sitting around the other day looking at the weather for the week and decided that it was going to be another beautiful day once again, so Jacqui suggested that we check out a state park.  Well Alaska has no shortage of them! One of the most amazing things about living in Alaska, is the near endless stream of beautiful outdoor things there are to do here. Jacqui having pretty much grown up in Alaska has a never-ending bag of neat places for me to check out, which I will hopefully write about and then share with the people reading my blog. One of those places bordering on spectacular is Eklutna Lake state park. Image  Known simply as Eklutna Lake, the park is about 40 minutes or so away from Anchorage, Alaska.  The actual Eklutna Lake is an absolutely stunning blue mountain lake full of water that that has melted off the mountains from the winter snow. The lake itself is surrounded by the Chugach Mountain range, and is easily accessible.

The park has a lot of really interesting trails of varying difficulty, You can go hiking, biking or just take a leisurely stroll along the lake to unwind and unplug. There are campgrounds to put up a tent, areas to cook hotdogs or other cookout delicacies with your friends and family.  Ot is can be just the place to take a break away from the hectic live of the real world and feel a sense of serenity that only true wilderness can provide. I enjoyed the day and recommend it to anybody who has the time to add it to their must see in Alaska list. 

It’s an absolutely breathtaking lake surrounded by  and fits the perfect postcardesque image of what you would think Alaska should look like and its definitely worth checking out if you make your way towards Anchorage.

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