Talkeetna the hipsterville of Alaska

It’s what in Alaska is  called a “sucker day”,  it’s about 70 degrees, blue sky and absolutely beautiful in Alaska’s hipster paradise known as Talkeetna. They call it a sucker day because if your a tourist in Alaska and the weather is like this, you just might be “sucked in” and decide  to move here which could be fantastic until the winter comes to slap the taste out of your mouth. Let’s just say that its one of those exceptional days that occur here from time to time and it’s one more reason living here is pretty nifty. Talkeetna was an old mining town which sort of evolved into an offbeat travel stop. The buildings are all pretty much historical in one way or another and still in use.  You can get fresh churned Icecream from road side stands and beer from the local brewery Twister Creek, which is exactly what we did.

I’m sitting at the Twister Creek Brewery enjoying a delicious IPA and  the “I can see  Russia Burger” and –enjoying the quirkiness of a small town, which is supposedly what the 90’s TV show Northern Exposure was based on. I totally get why If you make it to Alaska, Talkeetna is not to be missed. There is just an energy here that you feel in places where the people are different, which is best described as uniqueness.  It almost feels like Mayberry meets Portland Oregon.  Jacqui and I made our way around Main Street and took in the sites.  Whats super neat if your traveling to Alaska and don’t want to rent a car, the Alaska Railroad has stop right in the town which could be a neat way to discover the charm of the place.








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