Seward Alaska, Fun times whale watching in Kenai Fjords National Park in the last frontier

     ImageWe took the drive down on Saturday Morning looking for a get away from the city for a couple of days to take a major marine tour out to Kenai Fjords  National Park to watch the whale migration from other parts of the pacific. Jacqui and I were going to try to do this last year but it didn’t happen, so when the forecast called for 65 degrees and sunny skies we decide to just go at the last minute, which is something I really enjoy doing anyway. It can be super fun to just hit the road and head out, especially here where the weather can really derail a plan if you book to far out.  What’s really neat is that this would be the first time I’ve ever been to this park. It was quite honestly one of the most amazing things I’ve done here

     We arrived at around 11:40 which was just enough time to get our tickets and walk down the harbor to the boat because we would be disembarking at noon.  There was such a buzz in the air.  I think it had  a lot to do with how well the weather had been cooperating.  Seward is a magnificent place, beautiful small town next to impressive geography, but it is also known as place where it constantly rains and finding warm sunny day in the middle of whale migration season is like finding a job in Ohio its just not going to happen most of the time, but when it does its pretty special.

     We set off into the wide open harbor first while watching some absolutely breathtaking scenery begin to whip by our port window.  We decide to have lunch while watching other people take in the sites around us walking  on the viewing platforms around the ship. I realized that I forgot a fork so I head to the galley area of the ship to see if I could procure one and right away the captain announces that we were being surrounded by a massive school of dall porpoises ( they look like mini killer whales and are ridiculously cute ) and I made a break outside to get a video of it, which I am posting here. ( They look like mini killer whales :-)!

      It was one of the neatest things to be a part of and I got some impressive video that I was happy about.  After this neat experience we ate our lunch and Jacqui and I took in the tour which lasted for four hours! We saw bald eagles flying, Humpback whales breaking the surface of the fiord getting ready for its deep dives down while fishing for sustenance, harbor seals, mountain lions soaking up some sunshine and spectacular scenery under blue sky on calm waters with mountain tops still blanketed in fluffy winter snow.

     It was such an awe inspiring sensation to be a part of it while cruising around the sea doing soul searching about life and what I want to do with it next.  I enjoyed the experience immensely and highly recommend it to anybody who ventures here—truly worth it for anybody who wants to feel more connected to the earth.


     When we returned to port, we ended up taking a stroll through the town for a few minutes enjoying the warm spring sunshine and then had dinner at a seaside restaurant called Chinooks, an absolutely fun little place to have a few microbrews and process the day while looking at all of the neat ships in the harbor.  The restaurant has excellent service and a menu that reflects its position in a fishing village with fresh seafood selections and its overall theme reflects this as well.  It was a fine finish to an excellent day.


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