First Friday Anchorage Arts and Culture in the Last Frontier



In Anchorage we have a First Friday art walk in and around downtown to help support our art scene, our local business and the creative endeavors of the people. It was such a beautiful day here that Jacqui and I decided to take in the scene and check out a few shops. It really is great that the people of Anchorage support the arts here and in a big way.  There are galleries, usually with free Hors doeuvres  to sample along with people mingling over artistic swag in addition to a fair amount of live music at many venues.  What was particularly  cool about this First Friday was finally feeling that warm summer sun on our bodies while gazing at the new additional business that are starting to open up everywhere, and its pretty crazy.  Soon Anchorage will have its very own Hard Rock Cafe; while not the best restaurant in the world and kind of tacky its not really about that, its how this particular business reinforces how massive the tourism sector really is here. It was also neat to see that the sidewalk vendors are back out selling “reindeer sausages”, and the cities people riding bikes, skateboarding, and all and all just enjoying a nice spring day and It made for an excellent and economical night out.



After living here for two years, its starting to become clear to me that Alaska changes into an entirely different place once the Summer season starts to arrive. I’ve never lived in a touristy places long enough to really understand the psychological change that happens when money starts flowing into place, like I do now. The Summer season will bring all kinds of people to our state. There will cruise ships, RV’s, rugged backpackers, and new transplants hungry for a change of scenery, ready to cash in on the last frontiers great bounty of opportunity, and to start their own Alaska adventure.

I realize that I am becoming more Alaskan myself, celebrating the return of sun, and its warm rays across my face, like a child celebrates his or her birthday!

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