Barnes and Noble time in the last frontier.

photo 1-1 photo 2          I am sitting outside on an absolutely spectacular day at the Midtown Barnes and Noble in Anchorage.  I like coming here to unwind especially when I just want to sit in the sun, and enjoy an over priced coffee beverage and reflect on my life. Its crazy how fast the time is going and were moving into our Summer. Right now it’s 65 degrees sunny, the moutons go on for miles  life is starting to return to the great state and the frozen north is starting to thaw, and as write this a butterfly has decided to land on my table and stare at me.  Ahh its finally happening! its finally summer! Its early this year thats for sure.  Last  year we had snow until the 21st of May, not this year,  right now the trees and plants are starting to bud and flower, arctic birds have returned and are singing loudly and honestly there is such an energy in the air and it is electrifying.

The days are starting to grow pretty long now,  The Sun high in the sky is now beaming with warm life giving rays announces the return of the arctic summer.  Yesterday we had twilight after 11:00 PM!  It’s kinda crazy to experience it—the shift that is— from having only five-and-half hours of daylight to having close to twenty-two. It actually starts to become annoying from about this point as we march closer to June 21st from here. In fact we will gain about 5 minutes of daylight every day until the solstice when Alaskans will celebrate the long (and hopefully warm) Summer day with a crazy party pretty much everywhere in the state.  We plan on going to Fairbanks this year.

Tomorrow, I am taking a Major Marine Tour ( in Seward, Alaska to go gray whale watching! I’m pretty excited, The whales are migrating and through here this time of year. I wanted to go last year but we couldn’t make it happen because the weather was just to nasty. This year however  the weather is supposed to be amazing, something like 65 and sunny, which couldn’t get much nicer honestly especially out in the harbor.  The tour is supposed to last 4 hours and after we’ll hit up the Seward Brewing Company for a nice cold IPA and some food.  Seward is a cool place to just drive to.  It is approximately 127 miles from Anchorage to Seward, along the way be prepared to see some of the most beautiful scenery in the world literally—The drive down has been ranked one of the most beautiful in the world by multiple travel sites check this one out by national geographic calling it “a drive of a lifetime”. ( for an idea of something amazing to do here when you come to visit, work or play.

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