Car Repair in The Last Frontier

photo 1So, I’m getting an Oil change for my Volkswagen a simple task in Ohio, but here—not so much. The problem with living in a place with only one Volkswagen deanship is that they kinda have a monopoly when it comes to service.  It’s not that I couldn’t have taken it to a drive-thru place like Midas or some place like Sears (both are here in case you were wondering) It’s just that I like to have my car serviced by people who work on these particular cars, because the Germans build their cars to work in a set way and unfortunately , its not the most intuitive and people don’t know how to work on them and that brings me back to why I’m sitting at the only place in Alaska that can work on them, Kendall Volkswagen, Porsche, Audi otherwise known as the place to go where they bend you over the hood of your car for oil change.  I’m lucky that when I bought the car I sprung for an extended warranty because getting the check engine light looked at here costs and more than reasonable $199.00 with lube! An oil change?  $89.00–but I get a FREE carwash 🙂  A deal by Alaskan standards, and I am not exaggerating.  The problem is the lack of competition for things like this.  If you are a Volkswagen mechanic I think you could seriously setup shop here and become a millionaire.

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