Seattle Bound

4-17-2014       Sitting on a United Airlines flight at 38,000 ft, I’m on my way to Seattle on a getting ready to see Jacqui for her birthday. We booked what looks like a pretty nice room downtown near the Seattle Public Market. I’m pretty excited about what this trip represents; she and I are on year two.  Honestly, I never really saw this coming, I had imagined that I would be living some place other than Anchorage by this time. Alaska has a way of grabbing ahold of you and not letting go.  I’ve been here long enough to almost forget what it was like to be the me I am in ways.  I rhave been really blessed to be able to discover “The Last Frontier”, it’s just that I am starting to wonder what’s next on the horizon, and it’s starting to feel so confining.   I have been so fortunate here though and that really is the truth.  Alaska is so worth it in so many ways, I mean who gets to fly in a bush plane to work on a regular basis to some of the most beautiful land in the whole world. And if you are new to your field this is especially a great place for someone who is looking to break into their new profession or trade.  The state is not only rich with opportunity, but the incomes are high as well, and if your willing to work hard I believe the opportunities are limited by your own imagination.   My Job has been awesome from a work/life standpoint. I get a lot of PTO which has  allowed me to travel to other parts of Alaska, the lower 48, England, Ireland, France and Mexico. Not to bad.  It seems to me that travel is the most popular way people deal with with living here, because while it is beautiful you could go insane in the winter months, especially when the days are short and air is ahem frigid. I am looking for to this impromptu weekend away thats for sure.  All and all at least it’s Spring outside my window with and today was nice and warm.Image

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