Should I move to Alaska

I am a firm believer in the philosophy that you should do whatever is going to make you happy in your life within reason, and if you can reasonably make it work in Alaska then you should come and make it happen. The caveat I would make is that the cost of living here is really high, and since you obviously have internet access, I would do an apartment/job search to see if your field will pay you enough to make it worth it. Also, make sure you have enough savings to make it for atleast your first couple of months. You’re going to need it while you’re putting together your plan. Many things here are very expensive, and your salary quite frankly will not go as far as it would in the lower 48, especially if you live outside of Anchorage where prices are even more. Additionally, the state is currently heading into a recession that more than likely will become worse before it gets better. I would keep this in mind while I contemplated this decision because it’s important.

I personally moved to Alaska after I finished graduate school in 2012 at the height of Alaska’s boom without a job or a real plan other than figuring out after I got here. I was single, I had some savings and I was lucky. I was able to find short-term housing on Craigslist after a few days of staying at a hostel and while it was scary, I was I able to make it happen. I had about ten job offers within a couple of weeks and I could breath a little bit. After awhile I was able to find a place in Anchorage and life became normal. Now I live here, and it feels like home. The thing is— I knew before I came that I had a pretty good chance of finding something. Why? Because of my skill set. I knew that there were a lot of jobs in my field, so I took a gamble and came. Would I do it this way again to go someplace else? Absolutely. It’s just who I am. I believe that if I am following my heart and put in the effort— I will be able to preserver. I’ve moved to many places like this throughout my 20’s and 30’s and for the most part it’s worked out well—sometimes it’s dog shit. Just like life.

We should do what is going to make us happy in our short time that we are on this planet. If you feel that moving to Alaska will make your life better, more rewarding or is just something you want to do, then look into it, do some research and come. If it doesn’t work out so what? You tried. There will always be naysayers when you go off and try something new. Put blinders on and don’t listen to it. Listen to your soul and do whatever you can to feed it. There really is no place like Alaska. While there are a lot things that I don’t like about life here (there is no perfect place anywhere) there are many amazing things about living here. Good luck in your decision— I hope this helps.


On my way to Fairbanks Alaska in 2012